Super Supermoon Gazing in the Bay Area

November Supermoon over the Bay Area. Photo by Jamie Balaoro

2016 is closing out with a series of three supermoons, but November’s supermoon stands out from the rest.

Supermoons, a name given to the biggest and brightest full moons, are a spectacle everyone can enjoy. Unlike stargazing, which requires little-to-no light pollution in order to fully admire constellations, supermoons shine on their own and–given that the sky is clear–can be viewed and admired by everyone around the world.

November’s supermoon, the closest and brightest of the three supermoons closing out 2016, is the closest a full moon has been to Earth since 1948, according to NASA. The next time the moon will be this close won’t be until 2034. Although many optical illusion images of supermoons make the moon appear to be right next to the Earth, the moon is still 221,524 miles away, according to

To the average eye, this supermoon–also referred to as the Beaver Moon–appeared big and bright on Sunday and Monday night’s fairly clear night sky in the Bay Area.

Jamie Balaoro

Photo + Video Maker | Visual Storyteller | DIY-er | Creator of The Golden Bullet Magazine

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