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Organization Goals. Photo by Jamie Balaoro // thegoldenbullet.org

New year, new you? If getting priorities in order or remembering important things proved to be an exhausting task in previous years, maybe 2017 is the time to try a new approach.

The energy of the new year kicks motivation into high gear–making us want to do more, be better and try new things. For those who have a habit of not being able to keep track of things, this new year’s goal might feel out of reach. But, taking it step-by-step and simplifying the process can help turn your new year’s resolution into a good habit that sticks.

1. Use a planner

Organization Goals. Photo by Jamie Balaoro // thegoldenbullet.org

Between busy schedules, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and everything else that life throws at you, trying to remember things can be tough. The usefulness of a planner might seem obvious–it’s a space where you can visually see and plan out your days, weeks or months–but it’s all about the practice of writing these things down daily. Practice writing important dates throughout the month at the beginning of every month. Practice writing day-to-day tasks at the beginning of the week. Practice writing things as minuscule as “eat breakfast” or “sleep early.” If you’ve had planners before and didn’t find much use for them, trying this technique out might help you fill the pages.

2. Take Note

Organization Goals. Photo by Jamie Balaoro // thegoldenbullet.org

Maybe it isn’t a physical mess that makes you feel unorganized, but rather all the thoughts that fill your headspace. If you have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, you might want to try going beyond the practice of writing in a planner to practice writing everywhere and often. Use sticky notes for notes-to-self or keep a mini notebook with you everywhere you go to jot ideas down throughout the day. It might be easier to create a memo in your smartphone, but the practice of writing and getting things down on paper can help clear your mind so that you can focus on more timely matters, one at a time.

3. Give Your Things A Place of Their Own

The idea may seem tedious at first, but part of getting organized means thinking of and doing things differently. The key to organizing your space is as the saying goes: there’s a place for everything and everything has its place. If you have a habit of misplacing things, it might be because your things didn’t have a space to go in the first place. So, take the time to clean and declutter–it comes with the territory of having new year’s resolutions such as “be more organized”–and give your things a place of their own. In the long run, it might help you spend less time cleaning throughout the year and will allow you to spend more time working on any other new year’s resolutions you may have.

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