#Lifestyle | Easy Living With Springtime Succulents

#Lifestyle | Easy Living with Springtime Succulents. Photo by Jamie Balaoro

Adding pops of greenery to the home is a timeless trend, but what if taking care of plants has never been your forte? Succulents just might be your game changer.

The arrival of spring is like a breath of fresh air–from the thawing of winter to spring cleaning, the spring season is all about getting a fresh start, getting back to the great outdoors and maybe even bringing the outdoors in.

All floral everything and pops of green dominate trendy Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds in the springtime showing how plants can tie any room together. For those who have a history of not doing too well with plants, the green theme might feel discouraging and fake plants might feel like the only option. While that might seem like the easiest, no-brainer thing to do, fake plants don’t do any good to your space or the environment as most fake plants are made of plastic and tend to attract and collect dust over time.

Before completely writing off real plants for your home, take small beginner steps into the plant world by opting for succulents. Succulents are relatively easy to take care of as many require little to no daily or weekly watering, making them drought-tolerant and friendly to those who are conscious of their water usage or have unintentionally neglected house plants in the past.

While there are a few temperamental succulents out there, starting with basics like cacti, aloes and graptopetalums–such as the common Ghost Plant–can help you get a feel of what the plant life is all about. Graptopetalum succulents are especially easy to propagate–meaning the succulent can reproduce on its own–so one little succulent can eventually turn into an eco-conscious, budget-friendly succulent garden.

#Lifestyle | Easy Living with Springtime Succulents. Photo by Jamie Balaoro

As the saying goes, “Grow where you are planted,” and succulents do just that. To kick it up to an even more eco-conscious notch, upcycle old candle holders to transplant the new baby succulents into so you can place them all around your living space and spread the succulent love.

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